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Bottler Distribution Group

physical and digital solutions across distribution supply chains

Today, BDG can solve for critical supply

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created disruptions and shortages of needed supplies. BDG has developed end-to-end supply chains using redundant systems across Asia—with verification of factory and product certifications—in response to this critical need. We have direct relations and goodwill established in the US with labor unions and distributors to expedite the movement and receipt of goods.

Our ability to deliver comes from our great connections. We honor those connections with trust, transparency and respect for all workers.  

Why BDG?
BDG Founder Andy Weinstein understands distribution. A working member of a third generation Pepsi / Dr Pepper Bottler in the Pacific NW, Andy is intimately involved with the operating networks that affect his family business. He has a lifelong familiarity with the business dynamics of the industry—an industry that delivers physical goods, day in and day out, across America.

Andy is witness to a sea change in the distribution industry. Delivery disruption, aka the Amazon Effect, and changing consumer preferences have rocked mainstream distribution. In response to rapidly changing retail and distribution ecosystems, legacy beverage distribution companies have responded by doing more of what they know, optimizing their beverage lines and cutting costs by cutting employees. But with year-on-year declines in carbonated sof drink volumes and competition from highly efficient logistics and delivery operations, most beverage distributors continue to feel threat to margins and concern over the implications to future business.

Why Now?  
Companies like that of Andy’s family account for a huge slice of the $1.4 trillion US distribution economy. The wholesale distribution networks of warehouses and truck fleets that make up America’s distribution supply chains are the country’s largest employer. But most distributors have operated in about the same way for generations—more comfortable with the printed report than the continuously updated dashboard. There is enormous opportunity to create positive change  for employers and employees in this important industry.

BDG implements physical and digital  solutions across distribution value chains

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