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August 21, 2020

BDG Sees Opportunity

Solutions for the beverage distribution industry

How organizations can tackle changes to the distribution landscape

With 90% market penetration by category, beverage distributors have trusted, knowledgeable relationships with their customers. Distributors of the future will adapt to current threats by optimizing their interactions with their customers—and by changing communication patterns within their own organizations. Future distributors will realize short, medium and long-term gains by rethinking how they value on-the-ground employees. These workers have first-hand contact with, and knowledge of, needs and problems. By increasing worker capacity and incentive, workers
will become equally motivated to solve problems and grow business.

Knowledge is the crucial resource for competitive advantage

BDG is poised to help distributors and their teams adapt to digital transformation by reimagining communication relationships within organizations. Distribution businesses employ knowledgeable workers. Workers with different expertise, perspectives and backgrounds have much to offer. They know the problems. They can contribute insights from lived experience. They are adaptive and creative. Technology can reduce the number of manual inputs and limit the reduplication of inputs; humans can see bottlenecks, get the message, have good ideas.

Value human capital for organic growth

BDG seeks to leverage technology for human capacity development. Work is an experience not a process. That experience is often characterized by uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. By designing interfaces and functionality that respond to the psychological and emotional experiences of people—the way they do things, how they think and feel, and what is meaningful to them—BDG equips teams with the tools to visualize and stay involved with problems long enough to reframe the opportunities.

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